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Guarantee the integrity of your transactions

Protect your business and be compliant with fully certified & verifiable digital invoices, powered by blockchain technology.

Building Reliable Connections

Avoid invoice fraud through careful digitization, robust verification, and safe transferring of data. Spot inconspicuous signs and red flags early with our AML system, alerting you of potential fake invoices and vendors.

Process Overview

Verinvo uniquely combines the power of blockchain technology with a centrally governed system to secure the invoicing process.
Each step in the lifecycle of an invoice is securely encrypted and meticulously documented on a decentralized ledger.
The system not only ensures transaction integrity through signature and public keys but also offers both online and offline workflows to maximize flexibility and accessibility.

An all in one solution


Information Security

Mitigate information breach through encrypted audit trails.

Transparent Digital Trail

Monitor your E-invoices’ digital trails and remain informed of every step of its lifecycle.

Preserved Credibility and Established Mutual Trust

Maintain trusted relationships with your vendors and reassure your customer base with your safeguarded E-invoicing platform.

Secure & Verifiable

To secure invoices, Verinvo uses a hybrid blockchain architecture to verify and secure transactions and devices. Using Guardtime's KSI Blockchain, approved by the EU's eIDAS, to secure digital transactions. This approach, resistant to quantum threats and capable of high-volume processing, streamlines data integrity and compliance, making it ideal for e-invoicing in business and government sectors.

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